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Thursday, April 28, 2016

April to June

April to June in TAG


May 25 PowWow
May 27 District Track Meet
May 30 Gr. 9s to Norkam
June 9 Pep Rally 1:30 (into B block)
June 8, 17   Healthy Fridays
June 23       last day of classes

Gang Awareness Chats 
Constable Winkles will visit and chat with your TAG class. Her schedule is on the table in the copy room - sign up if you are interested.

Mental Health lessons
The feedback from the survey done by the school nurse revealed that mental health is a concern for students at Brock.  

The following links and resources have been provided so that you can share with your tag classes and perhaps have some discussion with the students about their mental health and bring awareness to them. 

“Stop Wondering, Start Knowing  A Mental Health Resource for Schools” can also be downloaded here:  There are 5 short videos included (18 minutes total) and it is designed for use with grades 8-10 student; it would be fine for the grade 7 students as well.  This will give the students an introduction to mental health with an emphasis to take action early!  The videos are true stories and the youth in the videos share their stories about how they dealt with serious mental health challenges including body image and anxiety, stress, depression and substance use, etc.  

It is important to note that you do not need to have any background knowledge or expertise in mental health to follow this teaching plan.
Lesson: one of two things with your tag students over the next week:
1.        You can read the whole booklet over and follow along the easy lesson plans.
2.       Here is some quick steps if you don’t have time to read the whole booklet:
a.       Print page 10-11 onto one page double sided, print one for each student – this is a handout to give to students that has discussion questions.  Hand it out to them before watching the videos and ask them to thing about the discussion questions as they watch each video, to be discussed with the class at the end of each video.
b.      Print page 21-25 – this is the answer guide to the questions, for the teacher.
c.       Page 13 click on video #1 and watch it, pause it right after, and do the discussion question.  The video will keep playing onto the next 4 videos, so you need to pause it in between each one for the discussion.
i.      If for some reason the video does not play onto the next one or you need to restart the next video for the next tag class, go to page 14 for video#2, page15 for video#3, page 15 for video #4, page 18 for video #5.
d.      Turn to page 16, review with the students the signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use challenges.
e.      Turn to page 17, review with the students the tips for good mental health.

i.      page 19 - activity to do with class
ii.      page 20 – homework to check out the website, complete one of the quizzes etc.
iii.      There is an excellent app recommended by Kamloops Child and Youth Mental Health called “mindshift”, it has a blue lightbulb icon and it can be downloaded from the app store.  Here is two links to this app and some others for anxiety and depression:
For more information, you can scroll down to “printable resource handouts”, or “resource links” here:

You can contact Brock’s Public Health Nurses April or Christine at 250-851-7300.
If you have a student who needs more support, please refer them to their school counsellor and/or please remind them about Healthy Fridays at Brock!

The next dates are June 3 and June 17 at lunch hour in the AI room.  


1.  Litter Pick-up
Keep out school and pitch it.  You can get gloves and bags from the custodian.  

2. Resume Writing and Job interviews

It's that time of year when some of our students are looking for summer jobs. Help prepare themby discussing what is appropriate dress for interviews and help them hone their resume.  

You can book the computer labs during TAG if you would like to help your students create a great resume.

suggested resume template: Basic student resume template
*This template was found on Google templates, search: resume.  If student just make a copy of this, it will automatically safe in the GEDU account so they can edit with their own information.

Other links:
Writing a resume tips
Preparing for a job interview  (host mock interviews in TAG)

4. Found on Facebook (Mrs. McRae's did this with her class)

I did this with my class this morning, and it had a huge impact on the kids. Really shocking what the kids are going through.
Kristen McCulloch
If you walk into our classroom now, you'll see a bag hanging by our door. This bag contains everything our class carries to school that we consider problems or bad things in our lives. The things that distract us, sadden us, or make us angry.
Something I have found in common with every student conversation about something upsetting them is that the student believes he/ she is the only one who has a problem, hard life, family problem, whatever it may be.
So today, we all anonymously wrote down on paper what was heavy on our hearts, crumpled them up, and threw them. I mixed them all up and students had to pick one up and we all ready them out loud. I could not believe some of the things they have to deal with at home, and neither could their peers. It resulted in a lot of tears, a lot of hugs, a lot of "I had no idea so many people had hard things to deal with too."
The message of the project, as I discussed with them, is that you never know the weight that people are carrying. It is so important to remember that when we interact with others. I wanted them to see that they were not alone and that they had a whole class of people who could relate and support them.
Our stories now hang by our door as a reminder to remember the "bag" others may carry with them

Issues 21 (click on link to learn more about these resources)

These resources are “magazine like books” with a low reading level and high interest topics. ALL appropriate for TAG.  You can find them in the library.

Grade 7
Threats to Health (Smoking, Cell phones)

Grade 8
Children’s Rights

Grade 9
Oppression of Women

The library has a Breakout box with all the necessary locks needed to set up a game for your class. Please sign it out from the library.

Team Building Breakouts
Password: showyourwork

Some of the games that would be appropriate for TAG are Candy Caper, The Swamp and M&M Mastermind, but if you visit the site there are more games you can download.

How the Attawapiskat Crisis Unfolded

(teachers should pre-read this article to educate themselves)

Denise and Donna are willing to come talk and support this conversation in you TAG if you make arrangements with them.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January to Spring Break


Jan 25-29 Unplug & Play
Monday Mystery Book Clues 
Tuesday Unplug & Play Challenge

In TAG have a conversation with students about becoming more aware of their screen time and “unplug” from devices for the most part of this day. We will not take their devices but instead encourage students to keep their device in their pocket - FOR ONE DAY. The idea is for students to find a healthy balance between technology use and making time for reading and physical activity. Each student will be given a draw slip to fill out in TAG.  They are responsible for bringing to the library.  The prize will be an itunes GC.

Wednesday Book Buffet
Thursday   Board games
Friday Just Dance!  

Jan 27 Winter Carnival @ lunch
Feb 4-12 Valentine's Week Activities

  • Candy-grams Feb 4-11 (delivered Friday Feb 12)
  • Steel-A-Heart Day Tuesday
  • WEB leaders meet with Gr7s in TAG Wednesday
  • Find-Your-Match Day Thursday
  • Red and White Day Friday
Feb 1-5 Tell Them From Me survey
Feb 16 Gr. 10 Course Selections with Norkam (in library)

Feb 17 Gr. 9 Course Selections (in library)
Feb 24 Wear Pink Anti-Bullying day
March 15 Brock's Got Talent - H block after lunch

TAG lessons

The focus in TAG for the remaining months of winter is Making Healthy Choices. Much of the resources are in the Lions Quest kits, but I have included other resources you can use.

Lions Quest Teacher’s kit (4th Edition)

Making Healthy Choices Year 1, unit 6
Making Healthy Choices Year 2

Jan 11-15 ~ Year 2 Lesson 1
What’s Important to you?

Jan 18-25 ~ Year 2, Lesson 3: Part I
Myths and Facts about Drug Use -- Part 1

Jan 26-Feb 2 ~ Year 2, Lesson 4:Part II
Myths and Facts about Drug Use -- Part II

Feb 3-9 ~ Year 1 Lesson 10
Standing Up to Pressure to Use Drugs

Feb 9-12  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb 15-18 ~ Year 1 Lesson 11
Managing Stress

Feb 22-26 - ~ Sexual Health

STI slideshow
video: What is consent?

Feb 29 - March 11 ~ Sexual Health

Supporting Resources

E cigarettes

Monday, November 30, 2015


Upcoming Holiday Theme Days

Friday 4 December - Sports theme - Hosted by Mr. Coleman’s TAG
Tuesday 15 December - Red and Green Day
Wednesday 16 December - Holiday Hat Day
Thursday 17 December - Ugly Holiday Sweater Day
Friday 18 December - Christmas Assembly in the afternoon

12 Days of Christmas
As you might already know, the “12 Days of Christmas” performance is kind of a big deal at the Brock Christmas Assembly.  Instructions for your TAGs are in your mailboxes now.  Leadership students have been assigned in or to your TAGs to hold the sign and lead your TAG in its performance.  We encourage you to be enthusiastic and creative (costumes, props, ?).  Please see Gillis if you have any questions.

Shopping Cart Parade
When: Thursday, December 3rd this week in G block.  
Time: It will start after lunch with carts coming to the cafeteria at 12:30.  
The route: DOES NOT GO through the centre hallway (WIN and FN room).

One leadership student from your class as well as two cart pushers should accompany the cart. (Upstairs carts will be brought down on the lift during E block).  

Once carts are assembled in the cafeteria, G block classes will be asked to line the hallways to observe the parade.  Upstairs classes will assemble in the main hallway (between the gym and the library) and the main entrance.  
After the parade, leadership students as well as cart pushers will help to strip down the carts and sort the food in the cafeteria.

TAG Lessons and Activities

One Binder - Page Set-up

Social Skills for Middle Schoolers

Most are under 2,000 words;  included is an approximate word count where.They're also a refreshing change for an avid reader who wants a break from longer works. These stories offer a complete reading experience with great economy of words.

Christmas Crafts

Large Ball template
Medium Ball template
Small Ball template

DIY Paper Christmas Tree

Monday, November 2, 2015



E V E N T S   &   D A T E S

Nov. 11   Remembrance Day - No School
Nov. 13 Term Ends
Nov. 19 Parent Teacher Interviews
Nov. 27 Report Cards
Nov. 23 - Dec. 3  Christmas Food drive

Spirit Days:

  • Nov 13 LGBT or Hat day  ~ Paravantes
  • Nov. 27 Jersey day  ~ Hafeli

Theme: INTEGRITY (LIVE matrix)

This month’s tasks and teaching:

1. Revamping the LIVE matrix

The PBIS committee is looking to improve our matrix to better reflect the behavior expectations and practices happening at Brock.  Five years have passed since Brock became a middle school.  Our school has changed and the LIVE matrix needs a facelift.  PBIS promotes the use of common language within a behavior matrix that is then directly taught.  This matrix is supposed to be compiled through consultation from students and staff.  From this activity, the matrix would better reflect student understanding of the behavior expected at Brock.

Please spend some time in TAG this month discussing LIVE expectations/school rules with your class.  Use the following Google Doc to record these suggestions. Please use the color you have been assigned for your suggestions when typing in the document.  You will find this on the second page of the Google Doc - Blank LIVE Matrix

F o r m s
L.I.V.E Matrix (what you see on the posters)
A class copy could be printed off so that each student has a copy to read.  Discussion in pairs, small groups, then move to bigger or whole class discussion.

  • What do you understand in this chart?
  • What vocabulary or words do you not understand?
  • What rules would you add to this?
  • What rules do you feel you follow in LIVE ?  What rules do you think do not work or are not followed?
  • Aesthetics of the matrix chart… how can this be made more visually appealing?  Color? font?

Blank LIVE Matrix (editable Google doc)
  1. Go through this as a class and add your thoughts and ideas to what it means for each of the letters in LIVE.  The more student driven our Matrix is the better.

After teaching INTEGRITY, please revisit the matrix before the end of month to add/edit the Google Doc for any new contributions that can reflect their understanding.


To start: DISCUSS with students what INTEGRITY is/means to them.  

You could:

Use a KWL chart to brainstorm ideas about INTEGRITY

What I Know
What I Want to learn
What I have learned

SHARE the Definition of Integrity according to

integrity [in-teg-ri-tee] noun

  • adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
  • firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values :  incorruptibility
  • an unimpaired condition :  soundness
  • the quality or state of being complete or undivided :  completeness

1. dishonesty.

RECORD their answers on chart paper or have a class scribe keep the ideas that are brainstormed for future reference.

Are You a Person of Integrity?
(Take this self-evaluation and decide for yourself.)
I always try to do what is right, even when it is costly or difficult

I am true to my very best self.
I live up to the highest ethical standards.
I don't compromise my values by giving into temptation.
I think I am / am not a person of integrity because: ___________________

1. Bring in some newspaper articles about people who you think have integrity and people who you think who do not. What distinguishes one from the other? Who gets more play in the media?
2. Divide the class into small groups. Have each group develop a list of do’s and don’ts for being a person of integrity. Have them make oral reports to the class addressing the following questions: What happens when people live in accordance with these guidelines? What happens when they don’t? In what ways does integrity and lack of integrity affect our community and society? In what ways can/do young people demonstrate integrity?
3. Many people complain that political leaders lack integrity. Develop a checklist for evaluating the integrity of political leaders. Use this checklist, rank political leaders you are familiar with. Does a high ranking affect how you feel about these leaders? Would it influence the way you would vote?
4. Role play some typical situations in which a group of people try to put pressure on one person to do something that is against his/her principles. Do this several times with different outcomes, such as caving into the group’s pressure, or mustering the courage to stand up for what you believe. After the improvisation, discuss what you learned from this. Did you discover anything about group dynamics that you can use if you are ever in a similar situation?


1. How do you want to be remembered after you die?
2. Does thinking about how you want to be remembered tell you anything about how you should live your life?
3. Are you that kind of person?
4. In what way is your integrity your gift to yourself? In what way is it your gift to the world? Can you think of any examples?
5. Have you ever heard the phrase "Let your life speak"? What do you think that means?
6. Is being thought of as someone with integrity important to you? Why, or why not? How would you feel if someone accused you of not having integrity?
7. What does the word "integrity" mean to you?
8. What does the expression "walk your talk" mean? Do you know people who walk their talk? What do you think of them? Do you know people who don’t walk their talk? What do you think of them? How do you feel when you hear people say one thing and do another?
9. How do you feel when you see someone who’s not willing to stand up for his/her beliefs?
10. Have you ever taken a stand that was unpopular and had to pay the price for that?  What did you do? What was the outcome? How did you feel afterwards? What did you learn from the experience?
11. What does "compromising your principles" mean? Give an example. How far would you compromise your principles in order to get ahead?
12. In what ways do you benefit from making choices that are consistent with your highest values?
13. What do you think Gandhi meant when he said, "We must be the change we want to see?"
14. What does integrity have to do with your character?

What is Integrity?   Time 3:45

Integrity - from the movie Remember the Titans
Trust and Integrity - from movie Courage

OTHER LINKS TO SHARE (not Integrity related)

Bullied from Soul Pancake.  A short 7 minutes showing adults ‘speaking’ to their childhood bully.